Who Offers the Best Oil Change Service in St. Petersburg?

Who Offers the Best Oil Change Service in St. Petersburg?

Trust Crown Buick GMC Oil Change Service

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Professional Oil and Filter Change Service

Oil and filter care is crucial for the life of your engine. You can trust the technicians at Crown Buick GMC to give your vehicle the best oil and filter change service in St. Petersburg, FL. They are trained and certified in everything from engine repair and diagnostics to routine maintenance services.

The Importance of Routine Oil Changes

Never underestimate the importance of regular oil changes for your vehicle. Whatever driving habits and road conditions are typical for you, your vehicle needs clean engine oil to keep it running smoothly.

Motor oil has many functions, including lubricating the engine and engine components, clearing out the dirt and debris in your engine, and keeping your engine cooled to the correct temperature. Engine oil works hard, and after time, it breaks down and becomes viscous and dirty. That means it can’t perform its duties correctly.

Oil Change Benefits for Your Engine

Changing your oil at regular intervals has many benefits, including preventing more expensive repairs. Clean oil draws heat and dirt away from your engine parts, which helps them to work better and last longer. Dirt build up and improper lubrication means blockages and more wear and tear on engine parts.

Regular oil changes also boost your engine’s performance and gas mileage. If your engine is running on dirty oil, it has to work harder and at higher temperatures, thus reducing efficiency. Clean oil eliminates dirt, lowers temperatures, and lets you get the most horsepower and best fuel efficiency.

How Do I Know It’s Time for an Oil Change?

When you’re not sure if it’s time for service, you can check your owner’s manual for the proper intervals, or stop by Crown Buick GMC and ask one of our oil change experts. Whether you need GMC or Buick oil change service—or service on any other manufacturer’s vehicle—our technicians can help.

It used to be that you shouldn’t wait longer than 3,000 miles to change your engine oil. These days, oil change intervals range from 5,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on a variety of factors— including your driving conditions, normal driving environment, and vehicle driving habits.

When you come to Crown Buick GMC for an oil change, our experts ask the right questions to find the perfect oil change interval for your vehicle.

What Kind of Oil Should I Use?

The type of oil you put in your engine is just as important as how often you change your oil. There are several different kinds of oil that serve different purposes. These include Conventional Motor Oil, High-Mileage Motor Oil, Synthetic-Blend Motor Oil, and Full Synthetic Motor Oil.

At Crown Buick GMC, we offer a range of oils and oil brands for a wide range of vehicles and driving styles. Our experts will choose an oil with the manufacturer’s recommended viscosity and rating, as well as match it to your car’s age and condition, and your personal driving style.

Choose Quick, Easy, Convenient Oil Changes

Make the Service Center at Crown Buick GMC your go-to place for oil changes as well as other routine maintenance services including tire rotations, brake checks, battery service, and multi-point vehicle inspections.

We make these easy with online service scheduling, a convenient location and hours, service financing, and specials and rebates that can save you money and time. Stop in today for a peek at our state-of-the-art Service Center and comfortable lounge with free Wi-Fi and coffee.

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